Covid Rules For The park

To All Group Leaders and Staff

The Management Committee have been working on a plan for groups to return to the Centre. We have undertaken a risk assessment and have a long list of actions to undertake focused on keeping all our users safe. We will not compromise on safety as this is our principal already.  To this end we are setting out a list of rules that MUST be adhered to by all the users of the Hall when we reopen. As it is an extraordinary situation we will be making spot checks. It is essential that all groups follow these rules to ensure the safety of all users, failure to do so may result in the group losing the use of the hall during the pandemic.
I know everyone of you will do whatever it takes to uphold the safety rules.

The rules below are for all groups except our Preschool who have different guidance.                                                                                                                    

Any questions can be directed to the Chair on 07776 305510 or by email at

Yours sincerely

Sylvia Jobling

Chair of the Management Committee, Orchard Park Community Centre

Safety Rules for return to Orchard Park Centre

Size of Groups

The maximum size of any group will be 15. The main hall measures 9.6M x 7M (31` 6 x 22` 10”) this information will allow group leaders   to work out the numbers they can have in each class up to a maximum of 15.

Entry – All groups will enter via the front door sanitizing their hands on their way in & will exit via the French doors/emergency exit facing the car park.    This will enable us to use a safer “one way system”.

Parents, Guardians & Carers

No parents/guardians/carers will be permitted into the building. We now have a drop off & collect outside rule.

Clothing & footwear

Please ensure that you come ready to start your class activity as there will be no changing arrangements at the Centre. There will be no bare feet work unless on an approved mat/mats.


Preschool will sanitise the Centre before they leave at 3pm so the first group arriving won`t need to sanitise for their session All groups will sanitise the hall surfaces/ equipment/disabled toilet used between & after their session.  A container with kitchen roll, sanitising wipes, Dettol type spray, disposable gloves & polythene bags for rubbish will be left for the use by group leaders.


The floor will need sanitising after the last session ready for the Preschool the next morning. Individual groups will be given instruction about sanitising the floor at the end of their session.

Group Crossover

If you have a group in after you or before you, you must finish or start your group 10 minutes later or earlier to ensure there is no crossover in times. The incoming group must wait at a social distance from the front door.


We will be using only the disabled toilet. The toilet will be occupied by one person at a time and no changing in the toilets will be permitted.


All groups will provide their own supply of Tissues for use by their group members & take them away with them when they leave

Refreshments / Register

No food or snacks will be brought into the building. Leaders must ensure that bottles of water are named & placed in a central place (e.g. on the ledge of the kitchen shutters) A register will need to be taken for contact tracing if ever required.

Distance Tapes

All groups will observe the social distancing rules. Tapes will be provided in the corridors and smaller spaces to assist with this


All groups will abide by the Government Guidelines shown on the posters displayed around the building.

Fresh air

Windows may be opened to get a draft but please remember to close & sanitise them as you leave.

Committee Room & kitchen

Are both out of bounds to all groups except Preschool.

Property Left at the Hall

The Management Committee ask the group leaders to pay special attention to any items left after the group finished. These items must be taken away by the group leader otherwise any items found will be placed in the bin.


There will be no parties during 2020.


We highly recommend all group leaders AND their staff to take an online course to gain a Covid19 awareness certificate. They are free with WHO and also Virtual College.